Prashanth BusiReddyGari

Prashanth BusiReddyGari

 Executive Position: Treasurer 

 Hometown: Bengaluru, India

 Degree Program: PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering

My name is Prashanth (pronounced as p-r-uh-sh-ah-n-t). I was born and brought in the southern part of India. I am an advanced PhD student in the school of Electrical & Computer Engineering. I completed my MS here in this university in the spring-2015 semester. I have been an active participant and witnessed many professional, leadership, cultural and community activities here at OSU and learnt many good things. 
Research Interests

I have been working under the guidance of Dr. Subhash Kak on the problem of random numbers to enhance security of decentralized block chain protocols for financial and banking applications. I have developed several original algorithms for my Master’s thesis including modified decimal sequences to generate cryptographic keys, and a novel approach to shared secrets for authentication, My Ph.D. work is exploring new complexity theory-based, number-theoretic approach to the computational hardening of random sequences. I have obtained very promising results that are already published (3 publications). I have high expertise in the implementation of network security protocols. 

Apart from Cybersecurity, I like designing VLSI digital systems and Microelectronics fabrication.

One of the most favorite thing about OSU,
OSU students, staff, faculty and alumuni have always been very kind and friendly towards me all the time. Campus life activities excites me so very much.
Professional Experience at OSU:
  • Graduate College ambassador
  • One year experience as a GPSGA representative
  • Acted as the Research Symposium 2016 Chair 
  • CEAT Student Council represenative
Description of the position:
  • Assist president and other officers by posting requested materials on the GPSGA website
  • Lead the Communications & Publications committee as the chair
  • Email to GPSGA members (Representatives and Liaisons)
  • Maintain GPSGA website, Campuslink, Twitter and Facebook