Kendall Scarlett

Kendall Scarlett

 Executive Position: Communications Director

 Hometown: Boynton Beach, Florida

 Degree Program: MS in Zoology, Ecotoxicology

I am currently pursuing a MS Degree in Zoology and a Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Toxicology. Within the past two years in GPSGA, I have served as a representative for the Integrative Biology Department, a representative on the OSU Scholarship Committee, as well as the Social Chair and Vice President on the Executive Board.  I  served as the Treasurer for the Graduate Society of Interdisciplinary Toxicology, the student representative on the Executive Board of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: Ozark-Prairie Regional Chapter, and in other various leadership positions around campus. One of my most noteworthy characteristics has been my love of nature and animals and my curiosity to learn new ideas and concepts. My eager interest for learning, combined with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in everything I do, has enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and Biology. After I finish my Masters Degree in Zoology, I intend to continue on to obtain my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and to pursue research relevant to veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation.
Research Interests:
I am interested in studying anthropogenic effects on amphibians with the exposure of pesticides. Currently, I am working on a study that shows the effects of common Organophosphate insecticides on prey orientation behaviors in amphibians, specifically Great Plains Toads. 
One of the most favorite thing about OSU,
OSU has provided me with a “home away from home”, a sense of community and belonging. 
Professional Experience:
  • Served in many leadership roles in various societies around campus (GSIT, ZoGSS, GPSGA, etc…)

  • Previous GPSGA Executive Board Member Social Chair (2015-2016) and Vice President (2016-2017)

  • Excellent organization and planning of events both on and off campus

  • Passion for community outreach and involvement