GPSGA Professional Development Workshop

GPSGA Professional Development Workshop

The GPSGA executive board has decided to offer a professional development workshop training in association with Meridian Technology Center for all OSU students. Registration fee will be fully paid in total by GPSGA on behalf of the participants. The registration is open to a maximum of 100 people in total. GPSGA representatives/liaisons will have the priority to register themselves online until Friday noon. 

Topic: The Mindset of Leadership

Our culture is desperate for leaders, but true leadership cannot be awarded, appointed or assigned – it comes only from influence and that can't be mandated.  This session, facilitated by Anna Irwin, will identify critical leadership abilities, as well as discuss the concept of a growth mindset.  You’ll learn why cultures within an organization require a growth mindset to motivate, teach, coach and lead the individuals within and how a leadership mindset gives you the ability to transform yourself first, then others.

Presenter: Anna Irwin

Anna Irwin's is a Human Behavior Specialist focusing in the people skills arena. But the most important thing for you to know about Anna is her utter passion for helping individuals master their communication and leadership skills, so that they become an invaluable member on any team they are part of in all areas of their life.  Anna's style is thought provoking and interactive to insure takeaways that can be used immediately in business or personal settings. Anna has worked with numerous organizations in the state Oklahoma in an effort to improve their leadership, communication and team cohesiveness skills. Anna holds a BA in Communication from UCO and a MA in Organizational Behavior from Boston University.  Anna has traveled the country as a military dependent and worked in multiple corporate environments to hone her knowledge. 

Venue: S. Murray Hall, 035

Date: March 29

Start Time: 5:30 PM 

End Time: 8:00 PM 

Refreshments from Jimmy Johns slices (4 meat options) will be served. However, we don't guarantee food if you register after Tuesday noon. 

Please do RSVP below if you would like to attend the workshop. We have surprise gifts for the first 50 participants who register online below. 

GPSGA representative or a liaison for the academic year 2016-17 - Register here

Graduate student and a not GPSGA representative - Register here

(Check-in Starts at 5:00 PM)

Benefits: A professional development workshop for free | A certificate | A surprise gift (if among first fifty to register) | Networking with professionals