GPSGA Graduate and Professional Research Gala

GPSGA Graduate and Professional Research Gala


The purpose of the poster competition is to create awareness about the diverse research projects in our graduate and professional community. The poster competition is open to all graduate and professional students (i.e., thesis and non-thesis majors) and will take place on Wednesday, April 24. The competition winners will be announced during the Graduate College Awards Ceremony. The winners will receive awards as the following:

  • First Place: $300 award
  • Second Place: $200 award
  • Third Place: $100 award
  • People’s Choice Award: $300 award

Students who plan to participate in the GPSGA Poster Competition must submit their abstract through GPSGA Email Address ( by Monday, March 25 at 5 PM.

Note: The first 30 posters will be accepted and anyone after the first 30 submission will be placed on a waiting list.

Rules for Submission

  1. Please include “GPSGA Poster Competition” in email subject.
  2. The submission email must include presenter’s name, department, and advisor.
  3. Abstracts are limited to 500 words and must include title (limited to 15 words) and authors block.
  4. Each person is permitted to submit one abstract.
  5. The first named author must present the poster.
  6. Human and animal studies must comply with Oklahoma State University Institutional Review Board (IRB) regarding the use of human and animal subjects and informed consent.


For information in addition, please feel free to contact us at