Membership Application Forms

Membership Application Form (Academic Department Representatives)

Membership Application Form (Student Organization Liaisons)

Proxy Form

Statement of clarification: Member, Representative and Liaison*

GPSGA Treasury Forms

 I. Co-Sponsorship Funds Guidelines

     Co-Sponsorship Funds Application Form

II. Group Funds Guidelines

      Group Funds Application Form*

III. Travel Reimbursement Guidelines (*Deadlines 2016-17*)

      Travel Reimbursement Application Form

IV. Material Grants Guidelines

      Material Grants Application Form

On a most important note: Any GPSGA treasury application submitted to GPSGA is considered to be incomplete until you receive a confirmation mail from GPSGA ( that the application has been received. So, please make sure you receive a confirmation mail from our treasurer. Also, feel free to contact our GPSGA Treasurer, Phoenix at when needed with any concerns and issues regarding your application submission.

Filling applications:

  1. GPSGA GSGF form will not be accepted if handwritten. To fill the form, please download it and start creating text boxes wherever required to fill necessary information. If encountered any issues, please contact the GPSGA Communications Director at 
  2.  All the other forms except GPSGA GSGF will be accepted if handwritten
  3. All the forms when downloaded, have an option to write enable. (Download the PDF and add text boxes to fill the application)

GPSGA Charity Form 

Charity Nomination Application Form