Frequent Asked Questions

Can I submit the travel reimbursement application through email?

Yes. Travel reimbursement applications are to be sent to treasurer.gpsga@okstate.edu.

Can I fill the travel reimbursement application before my conference/presentation dates?

No. You cannot fill and submit your form before the conference/presentation dates. The form has to be filled after attending the conference and photocopies of the required receipts relevant to travel, lodging and conference registration should be attached along with the form. Also watch out for the deadlines before filling the form. They can be found out here(dates are under revision, will be posted soon)

Where can I find the membership application form?

Go to the official GPSGA website http://gpsga.okstate.edu/. Forms are located in the main menu. Click on "FORMS" and it will take you to membership forms. here

Where do I turn in my membership form?

You may bring your membership form to the first assembly meeting which is posted on our website, you mail email it to gpsga@okstate.edu,  or you can turn it into the GPSGA office located at 211N Student Union.

How do I get credit for attending the meetings to make sure I get 75% attendance?

You must make sure that you swipe your student ID at the meeting. If you are unable to attend you may send a proxy with a proxy form that has been filled out.

Do both academic unit/departmental representatives need to be present for the meetings?

Yes, the two registered reps must be present at least 75% of all meetings (typically 1 absence per semester).

If one of the two representative cannot make the meeting what is the protocol?

You will need to send a proxy in place of the person who can't make the meeting. This individual will need to complete the proxy form that is under the "Forms" tab on the gpsga website.  When the proxy comes to the meeting they will need to hand the filled out form to the secretary or submit the form via gpsga@okstate.edu by the Friday following the meeting.

How do I know when to submit my travel application form?

Reference the Travel Application Guidelines under the "Forms" tab on the gpsga website. You will see that you submit your travel application AFTER you have attended the conference. You are applying for Travel REIMBURSEMENT and will be required to submit receipts for your travel, lodging, and registration costs. If your conference falls withing the first 2 columns on the Travel Guidelines Form, then your application is due to treasurer.gpsga@okstate.edu by 5pm on the date stated.

Why didn't I get the email for the committee meeting?

Even if you only use one of them, and even if you have forwarded one to the other, check both Orange Mail AND Cowboy Mail! Yes, it is very strange that sometimes emails end up in one inbox or the other no matter what you do. This has been a known and stubborn problem for a while. If this is not the issue, talk to your committee chair. It really helps to know your fellow committee members just in case communication issues occur.

I have a scheduling conflict that will prevent me from fulfilling specific committee duties. What can I do?

Let your committee chair know. Normally, you will have other opportunities to participate. Chair people are people too. They understand that graduate students have a lot on their plates.

Can I get assistantship from GPSGA?

We cannot provide you any assistantship. However you may get emails regarding assistantship offered by others or on campus job recruiting if you are in our list serve. Also you can hear from our Facebook group OKSTATE GPSGA if you join.

Who are the members of GPSGA?

Any graduate Student at Oklahoma State University (OSU) is considered as a member of GPSGA.

Why should I attend the GPSGA general Assembly?

The general Assembly is open to all members of GPSGA where they can address the general assembly and bring an issue that they find important to the attention of the GPSGA officers and the entire graduate student body through their attending representatives and liaisons. Although only representatives and liaisons can vote members are allowed to join discussions and bring forward motions thus allowing them to take part in the decision making process of their own education and time at OSU.

Are GPSGA officers paid?

No. With the exception of the president, GPSGA officers do not receive any monetary compensation for their service.

How do I become a member of GPSGA?

All graduate and professional students at Oklahoma State University are members of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association. We are the unified voice of graduate students across our campus.

What is a member of an academic unit?

A member of an academic unit is a student seeking a degree in that respective unit.

What constitutes active representation of an academic unit/student organization in GPSGA?

Active representation for units/groups requires all representatives/liaisons to attend at least 75% of the GPSGA general assembly meetings and also actively participate with their committee assignments.

What are representatives and liaisons and how do they differ?

Representatives are the members from an academic unit selected as representative to GPSGA. Liaisons are the members from a student organization selected as liaison to GPSGA.

Can I be a representative and a liaison?

No, a person who is selected as representative for an academic unit may only represent that unit. This clause excludes the member from being eligible to represent any other unit or organization for GPSGA. The same rules apply to liaisons as apply to representatives, they may only represent their organization.

My academic unit has a student group as well. Do we have to send two representatives and one liaison to GPSGA?

No, if an academic unit also has a student society or organization, then it will suffice for that unit to send only two representatives to GPSGA to be eligible for travel grants and group funding.

How do I know if my academic unit or organization is eligible for funding?

GPSGA publishes an updated list of eligible academic units and student organizations on its website at the beginning of each semester which can be found here: Link

My academic unit/organization is not on the eligible list, what should I do?

For student from academic units not eligible:

Get into contact with your department and find out if you have any elected representatives that are supposed to be attending GPSGA. If your department does not have any representation, then your department should select or elect two people from your department to start attending meetings. It only takes one semester of attendance and committee participation to become eligible.

For Student Organizations not eligible:

Get into contact with the organization leadership to find out if they have a liaison who is supposed to be attending the meetings. If the organization does not then one liaison should be elected or selected to attend GPSGA. It only takes one semester of attendance and committee participation to become eligible

When did NAGPS become an organization?

In the spring of 1986, a group of graduate students from four schools, who were attending the First National Teaching Assistant Training Conference at The Ohio State University, first discussed the organization of a national graduate student organization. In March 1987 at Washington State University, the first national meeting was organized and the organization became the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) at this meeting.

What other states are in our NAGPS region?

Oklahoma is in the south central region, which also includes Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas.